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Bob Fitzsimmons on Concussion History, Prevention and Treatment

Bob Fitzsimmons

Wheeling attorney, Bob Fitzsimmons and Steelers Hall of Fame Center Mike Webster took on the NFL 24 years ago to make them acknowledge the link between football, concussions and permanent brain damage. Because of their work, changes all the way down to youth sports have been implemented and the conversations surrounding concussion evaluation and treatment continue.

Pattiann was a recent guest on A Battle Within’s podcast!

A Battle Within is an organization committed to aiding individuals, caregivers and families experiencing Post Concussion Syndrome. Pattiann was a recent guest on their podcast. Click here for the full conversation!

Healthy sleep habits are important for brain health.

Dr. Nate Romesburg of Romesburg Physical Therapy and Sports Fitness talks about the importance of sleep for everyone, but especially those recovering from a concussion.

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Mental Health and TBI

Dr. Kristin Szewczyk, the Assistant Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator for the Intermediate Unit 1 covering Washington Country, talks about mental health changes after a person has suffered a traumatic brain injury or concussion. They commonly experience changes in thinking, behavior, communication and feeling.

Challenge your beliefs! What we’re thinking influences how we are feeling.

Holly Marra, LPC explains that our thoughts influence how we are feeling, and that we do have some control over this. Using evidence-based thinking can help to alleviate anxiety and allow us to feel better.

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Holly Marra, LPC stresses the importance of help for mental health issues after a brain injury.

Emotional upset can be overwhelming for anyone, especially people who have sustained a brain injury. Holly Marra, LPC discusses the importance of working with a licensed professional to manage and reduce these feelings, while also improving your quality of life.

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Mental health issues after brain injuries and concussions.

Pattiann Berton explains the normalcy of mental health issues following a brain injury or concussion and suggests some resources for help.

Messages from a school nurse and guidance counselor.

A middle school nurse and guidance counselor both offer insight on how a child’s concussion is handled at school.

Communicating a Concussion to the School

Establishing communication with your child’s school is a key piece to returning to activity and concussion recovery. This video explains the role of the school nurse, counselor and administrator, and how best to implement accommodations.

Meet Christian Lesnett, Chair of the Education Committee for Impacted, Inc.

As a school administrator, Christian has become keenly aware of the effects of brain injuries and concussions on a child’s education. He’s made a commitment to improve this process for everyone involved, the child, the family and the school.

The people around us can help diagnose a concussion.

Concussion diagnosis can be done by sophisticated medical means, but it’s often the people around us that notice changes in our behavior and cognition that can alert us to potential problems.

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Dr. Nate Romesburg outlines concussions symptoms.

Dr. Nate Romesburg, DPT of Romesburg Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness outlines a wide range of concussions symptoms.

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Out of darkness comes light – Patrick finally has a diagnosis.

// Part 7 in a 7 Part Series //
In the final video of this series, Patrick is finally diagnosed with a brain injury. The benefit of hindsight shows that he had every symptom of an untreated concussion. IMPACTED, INC. was formed so that no other patient and family would have to endure such a long road to recovery. When concussions are identified and treated early, the recovery is generally much quicker, so please share our organization so that we can spread the word about proper diagnosis, treatment and resources.

Battling the PA Department of Ed’s Graduation Requirements

// Part 6 of a 7 Part Series //

As Patrick continues to make cognitive improvements, he does well in school. Though physically and visually impaired, most of his teachers provide him the accommodations he needs to succeed. However, the Keystone exam presents a problem – he can’t see to read the test and he is not proficient in Braille. Watch and listen as the first major victory for the Berton family and all other families with similar limitations is realized.

A continued search for answers stresses the entire Berton family, but faith provides comfort.

// Part 5 of a 7 Part Series //
As Pattiann travels to every major medical center possible to find answers to unlock what’s happening with Patrick, the family is stressed. Tom takes a new position with his company so he can travel less and be home with their three younger boys. The family’s faith and the steady guidance of Father Carmen D’Amico pulled them through this difficult time.